The subterra reed bed purification system

The special feature of this new technology is the newly developed hose system for subterranean distribution of waste-water: operation of the subterra reed bed purification system does not produce any smells and even during long periods of frost does not freeze up. Through the subterra hose system the wastewater is evenly distributed into the reed bed and during the process of spraying enriched with oxygen.


• Cleaning performance far better than   the statutory limit values
• Low operating cost
• Low maintenance
• Long service life
• No smells
• Not affected by frost
• Easy to expand existing facilities
• Harmonious integration in the   prevailing landscape


Please click here to see an animation showing how the system operates!

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Reliable operation with automatic computerized control

To guarantee that the unit functions optimally we offer our customers the additional service of an automatic control system. This system measures biochemical and physical parameters which permit conclusions to be drawn on how the unit is functioning. It is thus possible to observe its operation, conduct a remote diagnosis and control the facility by computer.

    PE-Liner for protection of the groundwater

    subterra distribution system


    Phragmites australis

    subterra in daily use