Cooperative links create synergies

The systems and cycles in nature intermesh perfectly. This is also the aim of the cooperative links which bring together different complementary systems using renewable energy.
We are part of a network of companies and link-ups which are involved in different ways with renewable sources of energy. Together we develop overarching ecological solutions which optimally combine the specialist knowledge available.

Partners in cooperation are:

renewable energies

BPV Architekten
adopted solutions for autarkic   systems

Grüschow Entsorgungs- und    Umwelttechnik GmbH
specialists in waste management and   composting

• International Water Association
As a member of the expert group in   plant-based and small-scale sewage   facilities and sewage treatment   technology for developing countries in   the IWA we receive up-to-date   research results from all over the   world.

ATV - the Effluent Treatment    Association