Campsites - areas of recreation

Campsites for example are often located in nature, out of the way from the main system.
The subterra reed bed purification system fits so well into the landscape that it won’t be recognized as a sewage treatment plant. The system handles the seasonally fluctuating quantities of sewage and the reeds can even withstand a complete seasonal close down of the site during winter time. Extremely low running costs encourage a user-friendly calculation for areas of recreation.

Vital-Kurcamping Bayerbach ,    Bavaria / Germany

- Campsite with spas and restaurants
- all-year operation with fluctuation
- 750 p.e.
- 2250 sqm reed bed

Mkuhlu Picnic Spot, Krüger    National-Park / Southafrica

- Picnic-site in the Krüger National-   Park
- with restaurant and residential   house
- 20 p.e.
- 50 sqm reed bed
- built in 1998

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