For the food processing industry subterra offers a highly efficient alternative.
It is suitable for treating all effluents containing organically degradable compounds, e. g. in the sugar industry or dairies.

For those and other industrial applications the process is adapted to the quality requirements.

• Recycle Engineering Ltd. , Chonburi    / Thailand

- biological treatment of pretreated   wastewater from the dilutant   "Lösunsgsmittel" recycling industry
- 180 pe.
- 400 sqm
- built in 2002

• Carrot cleaning plant, Lower-Saxony    / Germany

- large adapted p re-treatment to   separate the mud
- 134 p.e.
- 420 sqm expanse spread over two   reed beds
- built in 1999

 Campsites and Areas of Recreation
  Motorway Reststations
  Private Households