Thailand – Kho Po / Chonburi
Zero Emission Hotel, PPP Project

Hotel Resorts in southern Thailand, especially on islands, often have to use diesel generators to produce electricity.
The largest consumer of energy is the air conditioning. Due to the lack of insulation the temperature inside of the rooms rises fast, or the energy needed to keep it at a comfortable level is very high.

Realization of an energy-saving and partly self sufficient bungalow under consideration of the tropical climate, solar architecture, energy- and water/wastewater autarkic, using local materials and production.

Period of Project
October 2001 until December 2004

3 pilot bungalows to test different solutions

• all energy consumers are exclusively   run by solar energy
• SBS-Steering for optimisation
• subterra reed bed system
• swimming pond

Partners in the project
• J. Krüger Pflanzenkläranlagen GmbH
BPV Architekten, Hamburg
• DEG mbH
• SERT Pitsanoluk (institute for solar   architecture)





  Luxor / Egypt
 Chonburi / Thailand
  Phi-Phi Island / Thailand